Introducing PT Pro's Cyber Liability Insurance Solution

We are excited to announce the launch of our Cyber Liability Insurance solution through our PT Pro platform. The solution represents market-leading coverage to help protect you and your business from cyber threats. While most of the publicity is generated by major data breaches incurred by Fortune 100 companies, small businesses are particularly vulnerable to cyber risk.

The statistics are staggering and the trend is continuing in an upward trajectory!

66% of small businesses experienced a cyber attack
63% of small businesses

Source: 2019 Global State of Cybersecurity in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Ponemon Institute, October 2019

As cyber threats continue to rapidly evolve, cybersecurity incidents are increasingly becoming one of the biggest risks a business has to manage. To further complicate matters, the threats are incredibly varied. Some of the key cybersecurity incidents include:

Hacking or Data Breach

Typical cybersecurity incident that represents a loss of data and information and results in:

  • Credit monitoring costs
  • Notification costs
  • Forensic and investigatory expenses
  • Data restoration costs
  • Regulatory fines
  • Public relations expenses


Malware that prevents you from accessing or using your computer system or data and results in:

  • Extortion/ransom payment
  • Data restoration costs

Wire Transfer Fraud

Criminal act that primarily uses electronic communication to defraud or obtain funds based on false information. 

Social Engineering Fraud

Manipulative or deceptive tactics taken by bad actors to intentionally mislead an individual into certain decisions or actions. Phishing is the most common tactic. The resulting cybersecurity incidents can range from wire transfer fraud to data breaches.

Third-Party Liability

Liability for the failure to safeguard your customer's, client's or employee's data and information.


A variety of other threats as a result of a cybersecurity incident exists, including, but not limited to business interruption loss, bricked devices, multimedia liability, data recreation costs, and more. 

Coverage is Critical

Ultimately, it is all about coverage. We recognize the range of cyber liability insurance solutions is incredibly wide, with the basic options grossly inadequate. Our priority is to deliver a cyber liability insurance solution that both we and our customers are confident in. As a result, our solution offers comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums.

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