Professional Liability

Professional Liability

What is Professional
Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance, also called errors and omissions insurance (E&O insurance) or malpractice insurance, protects your business if you are sued by your client for negligently performing your services.  It is a critical instrument to help you effectively manage the liability of your business and acts as an invaluable support mechanism in the unfortunate situation is made against your business.

The policy can respond to a broad range of scenarios including actual or allegations of incomplete or incorrect work, mistakes or oversights, or failure to perform professional duties.  In some cases a claim may be triggered by a dissatisfied client!  And even if the claim is without merit, the policy will help defend the claim for your business.  The expertise and guidance by your carrier to handle a claims situation is a valuable benefit of the policy.

Claims Made Coverage

Professional liability policies are typically written on a claims made basis.  The policy only covers claims or potential claims made during the policy period.  More specifically the alleged or actual negligence, or error or omission, related to the claim must occur:

  1. during the policy period, or

  2. on or after the retroactive date.

The retroactive date specifies a date in the past from which coverage for work you have already done or services you have already offered

Why do you need Professional
Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance coverage gives your business protection from the risks you face in delivering your professional services.  Coverage depends on the profession and insurer, with many mainstream professions carrying their own tailored products.


  • Alleged or actual negligence
  • Defense costs
  • Personal injury, such as libel or slander
  • Copyright infringement
  • Disciplinary or subpoena expenses
  • Settlement or judgment expenses

Contractual Requirements

Your clients may require you to carry Professional Liability insurance as part of the contractual agreement.  Not carrying the coverage will violate the terms of your agreement with the client.  However, maintaining the coverage post the conclusion of the engagement is equally important as the claims made policy only covers claims made during the policy period.

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