Digital Bookkeeper Association

Digital Bookkeeper Association

It’s essential for bookkeepers to have coverage to safeguard against the risks associated with the professional services you provide. As a result, you need an insurance solution with premiums and coverages tailored to your practice. Meet PT Pro, your expert insurance provider. We serve as the Digital Bookkeeper Association's exclusive partner to deliver the best errors & omissions, also known as professional liability, and cyber liability solutions to protect you and your business.

Errors & Omissions /
Professional Liability

Easily the most important and vital type of insurance for bookkeepers, this insurance policy covers you for negligence, errors, or omissions as a result of the professional services provided to your clients.


As a Digital Bookkeeper Association member you receive a 10% premium credit if you qualify for our Nationwide solution!

Coverage highlights include:

  • Damages or settlements awarded against you
  • Legal expenses to defend a claim
  • Discovery costs
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Subpoena expenses
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Cyber Liability

As a bookkeeper, you are a trusted advisor to your clients, thus having access to their sensitive information, including personal identifiable information, financial records or banking information. The right cyber coverage is critical to protect you from a cyber security incident.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability
  • Incident Response Expense
  • Social Engineering Fraud
  • Cyber Theft/Wire Transfer Fraud
  • Cyber Extortion/Ransomware
  • And more...
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Frequently asked questions

Why PT Pro?

Our long-term vision is to continually help our customers manage their risk by implementing best practices and protecting themselves with market-leading insurance solutions. Through our deep expertise and strong relationships, we are perfectly positioned to help deliver the best solutions to our customers. The technology platform efficiently provides you with quote options within minutes and is supplemented by great customer service. If you call us, we pick up the phone!

Who is eligible for a premium credit?

During the application process, we ask whether you are a member in good standing at the Digital Bookkeeper Association. We believe in the vision and outstanding resources the DBA provides to its members. As a result, the premium credit is extended to both Bookkeeping Professionals and Certified Digital Bookkeepers.

A premium credit is available for our Nationwide professional liability product. We are working on getting a premium credit for the cyber solution!

What if I cannot get an automated quote or indication?

Depending on the information you submit, you may be prompted to apply for a customized quote. We will review your application and reach out to you for additional information that our insurance carriers require in order to determine the eligibility to offer a quote.

In the event, the insurance carriers of our preferred solutions are unable to offer terms, we identify alternative solutions for you.

What is a retroactive date and why is it important?

A retroactive date, or also known as a prior acts date, defines how far back in time a loss can occur for your policy to cover your claim. If a claim for a wrongful act happens prior to your retroactive date, your policy won’t provide benefits. It is critical the retroactive date is carried forward to your renewal policy. Our application specifically asks the question to ensure you preserve your coverage.

Unsure or need help? Review the declarations page or the endorsements of your current insurance policy to identify the retroactive date or prior acts date. Email us a copy of your policy to review or contact us directly for assistance.


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