Bookkeeper Launch

Bookkeeper Launch

Bookkeeper Launch

It’s essential for bookkeepers to have coverage to safeguard against the risks associated with the professional services you provide. As a result, you need an insurance solution with premiums and coverages tailored to your practice. Meet PT Pro, your expert insurance provider. We serve the bookkeeping community to deliver the best errors & omissions, also known as professional liability, and cyber liability solutions to protect you and your business.

Errors & Omissions /
Professional Liability

Easily the most important and vital type of insurance for bookkeepers, this insurance policy covers you for negligence, errors, or omissions as a result of the professional services provided to your clients.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Damages or settlements awarded against you
  • Legal expenses to defend a claim
  • Discovery costs
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Subpoena expenses
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Cyber Liability

As a bookkeeper, you are a trusted advisor to your clients, thus having access to their sensitive information, including personal identifiable information, financial records or banking information. The right cyber coverage is critical to protect you from a cyber security incident.

Coverage highlights include:

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability
  • Incident Response Expense
  • Social Engineering Fraud
  • Cyber Theft/Wire Transfer Fraud
  • Cyber Extortion/Ransomware
  • And more...
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Digital Bookkeeper Association

We are incredibly proud to partner with the Digital Bookkeeper Association. The DBA is the leading association for bookkeepers supporting the bookkeeping community through advocacy, education and promotion of the Certified Digital Bookkeeper (CDB) accreditation.


As a Digital Bookkeeper Association member you receive a 10% premium credit if you qualify for our Nationwide solution!

Frequently asked questions

Why does the Definition of Professional Services matter?

The E&O / Professional Liability policy covers you for a Wrongful Act stemming from the Professional Services you provide. Each insurance policy will define Professional Services or, in other words, outline the range of services the policy will cover you for.

Two different approaches can be taken by insurers to define Professional Services:

  1. The insurer schedules or lists the services based on the answers you provide during the application process. For example, if you state you provide bookkeeping services, the base policy form will be amended to state "Professional Services means: 1. bookkeeping".
  2. The insurer covers a broad range of services based on your "industry grouping". For example, a bookkeeper is categorized under the accounting industry group. As a result, the definition of Professional Services covers any accounting related services, regardless whether you provide a service or not, and states "Professional Services means: as an accountant; as a bookkeeper; as an enrolled agent or tax preparer; etc, etc.".

The major benefit of solution #2 is that you are automatically covered for services outside of bookkeeping. In the event you decide to enroll in TaxBiz to offer tax preparation services, the policy automatically covers you for this!

We strongly advise you evaluate your scope of services provided and review them in the context of the definition of Professional Services in your insurance policy. 

What is a retroactive date?

The retroactive date establishes the point in time from when forward a Wrongful Act is covered. E&O / Professional Liability policies are typically written on a "claims-made" basis. The retroactive date allows the policy to make a claim for any covered acts committed prior to the policy period

It is critical the retroactive date of your current policy is carried over or matched at renewal, regardless of whether the same insurer or a new insurer.

Congratulations! You’ve secured your first consultation. When should you buy a policy?

As you launch your business, insurance is a key requirement to protect you and your business. Almost all bookkeepers purchase their coverage commensurate with the start of the engagement of their first client. After all, why pay for something that yields little benefit, particularly as, in some cases, it can take time to find that first client.

Be aware an exposure exists during the consultation process in the advice or recommendations you provide to the other party.

I have not set up a legal entity such as an LLC. Can I still get a policy?

Yes, the policy would simply reflect you as the Named Insured of the policy. However, notify your insurer immediately once you set up a legal entity. Your legal entity will be named in any suit or litigation by the plaintiffs and it is critical that the entity is reflected as an Insured under the policy.

The application requests projected revenues. What now?

During the application process, you are asked for projected revenues. Know that insurers recognize projecting revenues can be difficult and expect the projections to differ from the actuals. And that is ok. Don’t overthink it and provide a best guess estimate in good faith.

What limit of liability do my peers purchase?

The distribution of the limit of liability purchased by your peers is as follows:

  • $1m limit: 50% of policyholders
  • $500k limit: 30% of policyholders
  • $250k limit: 20% of policyholders
Am I covered for advice I provide during a client consultation?

It depends on your insurance policy. Our Nationwide policy defines Professional Services to include services provided on a pro bono basis.

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