Legal Paraprofessional

Legal Paraprofessional

As a Legal Paraprofessional, your key business risk stems from a negligent act, error or omission you have or are alleged to have committed. It is essential for you to have coverage to safeguard against the risks associated with the professional services you provide.

We have a deep expertise in the legal professional and professional liability insurance that has allowed us to design the first professional liability policy to specifically cover the services rendered by a legal paraprofessional! In partnership with Nationwide, we are excited to meet the insurance requirements of the legal paraprofessional profession.

What is covered?

Professional liability insurance covers you for the payment of any damages you become legally obligated to pay and payment of legal expenses as a result of a claim. The policy also covers supplemental payments for disciplinary proceedings, court costs, post judgment interest, appeal bonds and costs to attend a trial, hearing or mediation.

The professional liability policy doesn't cover everything, such as:
- Services rendered as a lawyer
- Bodily injury or property damage
- Work-related injuries or illness
- Cyber attacks

How do I get a policy?

Acquire a quote in a few easy steps:

1. Scroll down to the Let's Get Started section and enter your zip code and profession as Legal Paraprofessional
2. Go to our homepage and enter your zip code and profession as Legal Paraprofessional
3. Call us at (859) 327-5594

Once a quote is generated, select your desired option, and secure your policy by providing additional information and processing payment. A policy will be emailed to you shortly thereafter!

Why us?

We are specialists in professional liability insurance. Together with our partners, who include our network of insurers, our distribution and strategic partners and our policyholders, we created PT Pro to provide a market-leading solution delivered in a highly efficient capacity! 

  • Get a quote within 10 minutes
  • No sign up required to obtain a quote
  • Underwritten by Nationwide, an A+ AM Best rated carrier
  • Annual premiums starting as low as $525
  • Experts in small business
  • Strong customer service

We are here for you!

You deserve nothing less than exceptional service and we strive to serve you how we expect to be served ourselves. Our online platform delivers a quote option to you within a few minutes and makes the renewal process even easier!

While automation benefits all of us, we recognize the preference to simply talk to a human at times. As a result, and in our commitment to Alterity, you can contact us directly at (859) 327-5594 or schedule an appointment.

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